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Do you know that every letter you carved out from the ink of your pen and the way you do it says a lot about your personality? You don’t believe us?
According to the scientific study of handwriting analysis the way we loop our letters holds a lot of significance. Every direction our ink takes and every stretch our pen makes is a clue to our personality trait.
Size of letters
A person, who writes small letters tend to have superior concentration and focus. Small handwriting also indicates that the person can complete their tasks faster On the other hand, people who write in large fonts, have a broad perspective in life and have a creative bent of mind.
People whose handwriting is slant to the left are mostly introverts and does not bother about others while. On the other hand people whose handwriting is bend to the right have a creative mind. People, who have a straight handwriting, are logical, well balanced and emotionally intelligent.
People who leaves a lot of space between letters enjoys freedom and do not want to get crowded. Narrow spacing means you like to be surrounded by people.
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