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You should definitely add them to your diet during your periods to feel better during your periods to lesser the unwanted and dangerous mood swings and cramps.
Check out these easily available items and stock them in your kitchen
1. Dark Chocolate
Craving for chocolates are common during period, during this time we can have dark chocolates as it contains lower levels of sugar, than compared to other milk chocolates and is also full of magnesium. This will definitely keep away your mood swings and give you less period cramps.
2. Yoghurt
Studies have shown a diet with calcium-rich dairy products lowers the risk for developing PMS by as much as 40%. Yoghurt is full of calcium which helps to help ease menstrual cramps.
3. Green leafy vegetables
Yes, you heard it right including green leafy vegetables to your diet during your periods will give you much relief from period cramps.
4. Chamomile tea
Chamomile tea contains two compounds called hippurate and glycine which may prove beneficial for menstrual cramps. These compounds help to relieve muscle spasms, as well as working to relax the uterus they also have an unique anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce cramp further.
5. Nuts and seeds
Nuts have a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids that act as a savior when it comes to dealing with cramps. You can carry them with you anywhere and snack a healthy treat and get relief at the same point.
6. Ginger tea
Studies have shown that sipping fresh Ginger tea during your period helps in reducing period pain.
7. Water
No need to explain you the benefits of water, evergreen liquid and best natural medicine for any pain and gives relief to the body without any side effects.
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