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Bong culture is filled with various festivities because simply we just love enjoying ourselves but Bengali’s biggest annual festival remains to stay Durga Puja.
Here are some of the beautiful doodles of Goddess Durga created by Duhita Bannerjee:
Though the festival lasts for 10 days but if you ask about a Bong’s enjoyment and enthusiasm about the festival, it is over a month. So today is the beginning of the big event which starts with Mahalaya.
Mahalaya is basically marks the beginning of Navratri (9 Nights). This day also marks the end of Pitra Paksha (Worshipping of male God) and beginning of Devi Paksha (Worshipping of female God).It is believed that Goddess Durga starts her journey from Shiva’s home to her father’s house on Mahalaya.
On Mahalaya, it is believed that the Goddess destroys all the asuras and the final battle to kill all monsters happen.
Also, the most important memory of Mahalaya for every Bengali is sit and watch the whole episode of how Maa Durga destroys all the asuras.
Durga means one who is difficult to approach but as she believed to be the mother of universe, she is known for showering tender love, power, wealth, beauty and all virtues.
The deity of Shakti entire Devibhagavatham is dedicated where she is solely worshipped for 9 days.
Goddess Durga represents destruction of evil and protects the universe, the Goddess also reflects on keeping our animal instincts under control.
The symbolism of worshiping Durga invokes in annihilating all the desires and unfolds divinity.
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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