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Falling is love is ofcourse one whirlwind of a situation where you are extremely happy but at the same time you are extremely anxious about what is going to happen and all sorts of things. Though the situation at the beginning of infatuation and love can be similar. So, find out what are the signs that prove you are falling in love:
1. They make you feel comfortable – When he/she is around you, you feel the most comfortable and safe. You will feel the closest to yourself when he/she is around.
2. The extreme need to share everything - Whether you are happy or sad or have smallest of the smallest incident that happened, you will have a rush to share with the person. If you want someone to talk to, he/she will be the first person to come to your mind.
3. Start thinking of future plans with him – Without realising, you start to plan your future with him/her and start to even visualise sometimes.
4. Constantly checking your phone: Since you miss him/her so much that you are ashamed to bother them too much but you also keep on checking your phone every hour or minute to see if they have texted or called. You will just want to hear the voice or chat to express your whirlwind of emotions.
5. The way he/she looks at you makes you go crazy: Yes, be it them staring at you or just giving you a glance, you will just not be able to hold your smile and blush by getting red all over. Your love looking at you makes you so happy that it is unexplainable.
Oh yes! We all know that feeling but be careful, don’t get yourself hurt.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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