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Clicking pictures is an art and no doubt Arthur Mesbius has perfection in this art. With a pinch of comic flavour and creativity. The artist has been worked in photography for around 15 years and has created banners for advertising agencies. The award-winning photographer is specialized in creating one frame stories where he shows ‘past, present, and future’ in a single image.
There are many photographers across the world but there are very few who have the ability to portray something which is both realistic and in a fiction form. This artist has the talent of speaking volumes with his photography.
Talking about his photography the artist has said that he even produces film project and says he is quite good at working on 25 frames per second when briefed accordingly. He said, "the stories that I like to shoot can be funny, curious, compelling, or all at once."
After going through his photographs you will get to know why the artist is one of the most famous photographers across the world and also the reason for being recognized by D&AD, ADC, Cannes, Epica and the PANL Sony Award.
Check out some of his best works.
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