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Last night, I was struck in the middle of nowhere with a total blank out when I lost my wallet while returning from office. It was late hour when one person popped in my mind and it was my buddy whom I called up for help and within 20mins, he came to pick me up. Yes, he is my saviour. Now that’s why we all need BFFs. May it be our tantrums, our prank or our broken story they give their ears for all time. So, here are few memorable moments when our buddies truly our hearts!
1. When they are ‘Guide Book’ explaining entire course the night before exam.
From getting their notes to annoying them only hours before the exam, there's nobody who can set us up superior to these especially tolerant people. I'm almost certain I'd in any case of getting regular backlogs if they were not in our life.
2. When they lend us the Best outfit from their wardrobe to make that Charming Impression.
No need to borrow as we shamelessly ponder from their wardrobe when we have left with nothing to wear and we know they are cool with it. On top of that, they give the fashion advice making sure we look perfect before we are set to go. Isn’t sweet!
3. When they come up with best relationship guidance.
Knowing about our relationship they just become alert and try every possible chance to give the guidance and keep an eye check on our relationships so that nothing goes wrong with us. They care a lot about our relationships more than we do.
4. Our first hangover and they clean up without cringing
The very first hangover you have at your friend’s home party and the one person to trust is your BFF. The one person who handles your messy and the one who is not dunked himself!
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