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There is nothing fortunate than living with people you are in love with, most people do not get to live it. While being single has its own charm, dating someone you love is another feeling altogether. After the end of a rough day, meeting your partner and just talking makes the biggest difference in the world. You become so habitual of being with each other that no formality is shared between you and partner.
Here a few things you will relate to if you are in a long term relationship or if you live with your partner.
1. Where And What To Eat Is The Biggest Challenge
Every couple will agree on this point. The biggest struggle of the day is to decide what you both are going to eat during your day and at what place, will it be homemade or at some other place. Though, you end up eating Maggi or ordering pizza most of the times.
2. You Both Are Comfortable Enough To Discuss Poo
This is the fun part of every relationship how you even discuss the colour, texture and even sounds in some cases because if they love you they should know about your poop too. This thing can be discussed by only a few comfortable couples.
3. You’re Like A Shield For The Other Person
You fight with each other but if a third person tries to do that with you or even if they try to be more friendly with the either of you, you know that person is not going back home with his eyes intact.
4. You Can Be Your Ugliest Self Around Each Other
You know you have crossed that formal stage of being dressed up around each other and one thing that you care about now is food and nothing else. It doesn’t matter if you look good or take a bath for that matter, you are comfortable roaming in just a t-shirt with your hair tied up in a messy bun. Your love for each other doesn’t change according to your looks.
5. You Start Talking Like Each Other
We know that we start looking and talking like people we stay for long with. Same happens in a relationship where you pick on each other’s phrases and mannerisms.
If you and your partner also face some funny situations in your daily routine, do tell us in the comment section below.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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