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The Supreme Court passed a landmark verdict today and it is not just victory of Indian but the whole humanity. SC has passed the judgement on Section 377 by decriminalising homosexuality and the whole Bollywood fraternity hailed the decision.
On this glorious day, the Bollywood celebrities came out on Twitter happy and ‘pride’. See how everyone is celebrating the day:
Karan Johar: So proud today. Decriminalising homosexuality and abolishing Section 377 is a huge thumbs-up for humanity and equal rights. The country gets its oxygen back
Filmmaker Hansal Mehta: The verdict is clear. Two consenting adults irrespective of sex, religion, cast and gender cannot be rendered criminals by the law. We as a society need to understand this before bringing bestiality, paedophiles etc as a counter to today's landmark judgement."
Swara Bhaskar: Good on you Honourable Supreme Court and thank you. I hope the citizens of India are listening. 'Majoritarian views and popular morality cannot dictate constitutional rights. We have to vanquish prejudice, embrace inclusion and ensure equal rights.'
Sonam K Ahuja: This is the India I want to live in. Not one filled with hate, bigotry,sexism homophobia and intolerance. This is the India I love.
Aamir Khan: We thank the Supreme Court for its decision to strike down article 377. It is a historic day for people who believe in equal rights for all. The judiciary has done its duty, and now we must do ours.
Apurva Asrani wrote: At the stroke of the mid-day hour, as the conscience of many slept, India's LGBTQ awoke to light and freedom. This moment came 71 years too late history, 71 yrs after our brethren attained freedom; but the soul of a community, long suppressed, has found utterance. Congratulations!
Farhan Akhtar: Bye bye 377. Thank you Supreme Court. No more dicrimination. Love is love.
Vidya Balan: I am what I am. So take me as I am... Hail the Supreme Court Of India. Grateful that so many people I love won't need to live in fear of ‘being found out' anymore.
Nimrat Kaur: RIP Section377. Happy birthday 2018. Equal love. Equal lives. Proud Indian today.
Alia Bhatt: Love is love Such a momentous day in the history of our country!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!
Konkona Sen Sharma: We won. Thank you SC. 377 is history.
Ayushmann Khurrana: RIP Section 377.The new sunshine of this day is that of a progressive India. Love all.
Dia Mirza: Equality for India. Equal love. Equal rights.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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