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There is no doubt about how painful and unbearable periods can be. People like me pray for death than having periods, lol. But do you know that with the help of some tricks you can shorten the time your period lasts and this does not include birth control pills.
You know you are about to get your period just before you set for a trip or just on the day of the meeting.
Hormonal birth control is the obvious tool for managing your flow. Taking pills can significantly reduce the length and force of a period. But taking these pills can be bad for your health after some time. So we have, for you some better options that can help you in shorten your period.
1. Start exercising and eating well
Exercise is said to be good for controlling the menstrual flow. It lightens the flow and also relives the bloated stomach. Exercises are not very effective if you experience really heavy and painful periods. Keeping your diet balanced also helps in getting timely periods.
2. Up your vitamin C
More amount of Vitamin C may reduce your progesterone levels and that in turn, helps to break down your uterine lining more quickly - shortening your period but too much of vitamin C can have unpleasant side effects like diarrhoea and insomnia.
3. Drink red raspberry leaf tea
Drinking red raspberry tea can help in easing the cramps and heavy bleeding too with the improved quality of the egg.
4. Avoid using tampons
Tampons can block the menstrual flow from the vagina which makes the period last for long. Next time you are willing to get your period shorter, try using menstrual cups or pads to keep the area clear.
5. Have an orgasm
Actually, if we see, all we shed is just 16 teaspoons of blood during a period and when you get an orgasm, the walls of the uterus contract which result in more menstrual blood being pushed through the vagina. So anything that can get the uterus to exit blood faster is probably going to speed the process along.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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