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To begin with the analysis, one has to understand what is the connecting point point between religion and way of life? It is philosophy. Religion and way of life both comes from a place of belief, so one can see Mahabharata as a sacred/religious text and the other can read it as a philosophical book.
Mahabharata is crucial point here because the character of Krishna emerged from this book. The lord or the only larger than life character in this epic is Lord Krishna who emerges at the time of need as a philosopher and guide. Now, there can be two ways too see it, either one can simply see Krishna as a teacher or philosopher and the other can see him as God.
Philosophers who wrote Mahabharata linked obstacles directly with the confusion of the mind. So people who are searching for the meaning of life, Krishna instantly becomes their philosopher, guide and friend. Westerners mostly worship Jesus and Christianity being a very conservative religion doesn’t offer them the comfort to explore and question. This is the one of the major reasons of choosing Hinduism for Westerners or foreigners.
The second point is why Krishna?
Choosing Krishna might have many connotations attached to it but to see at the most basic level, Krishna is the most friendliest and approchable God. His character is the most free spirited, has no ego or any negativity around.
Lord Krishna and his philosophies help to remove the duality in mind. It helps in solving the confusion of mind and let it attain focus without fumbling between right or wrong.
There are many more reasons but this is the core reason of why foreigners love Lord Krishna in such a huge scale.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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