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Kerala is currently in a situation which is so devastating which is beyond any words. In a condition where the state is finally picking up the pieces and trying to rebuild all that it has lost but there are always some goons who will take away the least hope as well. From women moving court to enter the Sabarimala shrine to eating beefs, the state is never spared. This time it is Payal Rohatgi.
Yesterday, Payal Rohatgi posted a very insensitive Tweet that will make you understand why the country is in such a condition!
“#cowslaughter is NOT banned in #kerala. Dear Kerala people and politicians of Kerala, not good to hurt the sentiments of #Hindus. If u openly do that, sorry to sound but God also openly does it.. God is one but u can’t hurt religious faith like this,” she tweeted.
Soon the social media started calling her out for her "nonsensical" remark. One of the twitter users replied her saying, she is a "flop actress and trying to gain publicity for her next flop movie."
Now when she returned back to the comment and tried replying the twitter user, she made a comment which is even more insensitive:
Payal wrote "Let me be #flop so what. I cant have my views. oh sorry I need to do masturbation scenes and hold placards of #RapeinDevistan campaign to be #successful OR maybe have a husband who shoots porn. IDIOTS. NO maybe be a part of #castingcouch or better change my parents." (sic)
Surely Payal took a jibe at Swara Bhasker's masturbation scene from Veere Di Wedding and that was even more demeaning when it comes from a women. Swara took notice of her tweet and came back with a savage reply. She replied Payal with "Hi Payal! I hope you are well too :) :) :) Stay happy sister!"
Hopefully Swara’s reply with give her new perspective to think about the words she wrote!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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