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Not all men but truthfully a very high percentage of men falls in the worst human possible category. This truth is acknowledged by women universally. And among men, brown men is a different class of its own. All thanks to the patriarchal and jingoistic society that leaves no stone unturned to fuel their male ego.
Since the dawn of time, brown women had to go through a lot of things. But even after everything we had to deal with, we have still not lost her sense of humour. So when a woman named Sai Sailaja Seshadri in a humorous manner asked the women on Twitter to name five of their favourite albums aka the worst characteristics of brown men, many women gave her a reply with a savage tweet.
The answers are so hilarious that you won’t be able to hold back your laugh. If you have ever met a brown man you will relate to some of this. Here are the tweets:

Bad Moustache, Worse Intentions!

Apparently, we're all misogynists.

Girl, I am dying laughing.
This is not all brown men. Here are traits that I’ve seen in many brown men: 1. I have hella ego and arrogance 2. I gotta drink to show my masculinity 3. I just wanna fuck and chuck 4. She better be a virgin if imma marry her 5. I respect my career more than the ppl around me— Sukhmani Charaia (@sukhcharaia) March 19, 2018

Wanna by my frand?

No DP but allah di kasam im sexy.

Bobs and Vagene again!

Gelled hair is bae.

Can someone ask the guys who send "Hi Dear" to every girl who is just ignoring them to fuc**ng stop?

All men are trash...

Uploads picture with mom on Valentine's day with a caption that says 'most beautiful woman'; objectifies every woman he isn't related to.

Eww, periods and pads. Gross! - Guys just get over it already.

Don't waste time on higher education learn how to cook.

I feel bad that you didn't cum *zzz next minute*

Y u ignore me dear?????

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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