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After so much of hoo-ha about Neha Dhupia’s sudden marriage with Angad Bedi and then many were suspecting her pregnancy. It turns out for a change that the rumour was true.
Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia’s marriage was something which completely came out of the blue and hit the audience with so much of surprise. Very few people were invited to the wedding as the bride and groom didn’t even get enough time to call their closest friends. And next thing we knew was the rumours were rife about Neha is pregnant and both of them kept on refuting the rumours.
In the very recent Instagram post of Angad’s, he spills the beans by saying, “Ha! Turns out this rumor is true.. #3ofus �� #satnamwaheguruੴ”. The cool parents alert!
Savaging all the rumours and the hush-hush talks, they reveal the news with complete joy. The picture they shared shows Neha Dhupia with a baby bump and both showing off their happiness.
Recently in an interview during Soorma’s promotion, Angad spoke about his marriage and why it was kept secret by saying, “I think we are used to so much of noise, everything becomes an event and we didn’t want that. We wanted to keep it old school and considering we are public figures, sometimes we want some things to be left personal. So that’s how we wanted to keep it- personal and simple. And it’s worked pretty well for us”.
So, whatever the details are, it is just good to see that the couple is happy. Cheers!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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