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Karan Johar is one of the popular names of Bollywood and that is not only because of him being a film director, he is much more than that. He is a socialite, film director, fillm producer, head of a production studio and now an actor as well, he has to wear many hats. In between all of this business, how does he manage his personal life and especially now that he have 2 special members in his family, Yash and Roohi!
This May, when Karan turned 46, Pinkvilla, a leading portal interviewed this fine director about disclosing his personal life. The K3G director answered the questions graciously.
So when he was asked about his current phase of his life and how does he feel, he replied, “I am in a very content phase of life. Actually no, content would be a wrong word. It would mean I am satisfied or when you get too comfortable.”
Next, Johar elaborated it a bit more saying, “I believe I am in a very exciting phase. I am very energized. I am also in a deeply emotional zone in my life and I mean it with the birth of my children who've really come like a sunshine.”
We know how adorable Yash and Roohi are but Karan was asked if he has the fear of not finding a life partner after his child. To that, he said, “Yeah yeah. I don't fear it, I don't care about finding a life partner anymore. I already have my life partners- my children and my mom. I am grateful.”
Karan Johar really have a good mix of diplomacy and positive energy which keeps him going.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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