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Have you ever given a thought how exactly the life would be of crocodiles if they have to live in the human's world? If not, the today we are going to show you. Japan based illustrator Keigo has come with quirky set of illustartions that shows how the life of a crocodile would be in real life. “In the past five years, painting has become my daily homework,” he says. “This kind of life continues, I can't make friends at all, but through social media, I have gained the support of many fans and finally I have been able to publish my own books. Thank you very much!” “What I fear most in this world is my wife. Unless my wife says "Stop me" someday, I plan to keep going and keep drawing!”.
The series shows the illustration of a crocodile living in a human’s world. The illustrations have gone viral on the internet and people are loving it.
Check out the daily struggles of a crocodile in real life.
#1 When kissing your partner is a tough job
#2 When taking a selfie is not that easy and then try selfie hacks for a good picture
#3 When crocodile wishes to go to space but is struck with this problem
#4 When Crocodile Has To Climb Stairs
#5 When makeup takes hours of struggles
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Author: Amit Singh
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