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20’s is the time when you live your life to the fullest, you take risks, you fall in love, you make friends; basically, you discover life on a whole new level. And one day, you wake up to realise that your 30’s have begun, life starts to change for you, a whirlwind of emotion encircles you and a whole lot of chaos starts unwinding within yourself.
Here we have tried our hands to differentiate between the life in the 20’s and life in 30’s; Scroll and spot the difference:-
1). Call Me Through The Cell Phone
20’s is a phase when calls are expected on a crescendo while when you reach 30’s the tables get turned.
2). Mard Ko Dard?
20’s is the time when toughness is the virtue while 30’s calls for some weakness, doesn’t it?
3). Yeh Dosti Ham Nahi Todenge: LOL!
When in 20’s you are surrounded by a wave of friends, by the time you reach your 30’s you get aware that your only friend is YOU.
4). Zero Fucks To Give!
20’s is a phase when insecurities are at its peak while 30’s unleashes your ‘I-DON’T-GIVE-A-DAMN’ version.
5). Kadwa Sach
Who called it 20’s and not ‘Yeh sapne kaalpanik hain inka vaastavikta se koi sambandh nahi hai!'
Well, all we can say is that be it 20’s or 30’s, never let your true-self die and you will enjoy every bit of life, no matter how old you get because as they ‘Age is just a number’.
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- Shivam
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