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We all love rice right but we don’t love rice all the time right? One thing is that rice cannot be eaten alone and you need some curry based dish alongside. So, sometimes you don’t have the energy or time to make 2-3 items, in that these recipes will be your quick fix.
Make Your Rice Interesting With These Dishes:
• Bhaat Bhaja
Bhaat bhaja in bengali means fried rice. Since, fried rice is already a legit Chinese dish, thus, the name Bhaat Bhaja. This is basically used for breakfast but you can eat it anytime you wish to.
Steamed Rice, Oil, Kalonji (Nigella Seeds), Onion, Turmeric, Salt, Green chilly, Eggs (optional)
1. Heat up your pan
2. Put oil after the pan gets heated and put kallonji
3. Now, add green chilly and onions, saute the onions till they are light brown
4. Break 2 eggs and add in pan and constantly stir for a min (you can skip this step as well)
5. Take out the leftover rice or steamed rice and add them to the pan
6. Immediately add a pinch of turmeric and salt and keep stirring
7. Make sure that all ingredients are mixed well
8. Its ready for your dinner now.
• Curd Rice
Curd Rice is a South Indian recipe and it is the comfort food if you want but traditionally, this is served at the end of the meal.
Steamed or left over rice, curd, mustard seeds, chana dal, curry leaves, grated ginger, dry chilly, pomegranate
1. Take a cup of curd and 1/3 cup of water and mix them together well
2. Heat up the pan and add oil
3. After the oil have heated, put mustard seeds, chana dal, curry leaves, grated ginger, dry chilly, salt and stir them lightly. Don’t let them get brown or burnt, just for about 30 secs.
4. Now take a bowl and add the rice, the curd, and everything else.
5. At the end, add the pomegranate and get your comfort food ready.
• Sambar Rice
Another South Indian dish which is a quick fix for your hunger. This is extremely popular in South India and you can make it in just about half an hour.
Masala paste (1 tsp oil, 1 tsp coriander seeds, few curry leaves, 3 whole dried chilli, ½ tsp urad dal, ½ tsp chana dal, ¼ tsp methi / fenugreek seeds, 2 tbsp coconut fresh / desiccated, water as for consistency)
Ghee, mustard seeds, jeera (cumin seeds), Hing (asafoetida), Curry leaves, Dried chilly, Onion petals, Tomato - finely chopped, Choice of vegetables, Turmeric , Salt, Tamarind pulp (Imli), Jaggery, Steamed rice or leftover rice, Toor dal cooked
1. Firstly, heat up a pan and put 1 tsp oil
2. Add the ingredients for masala paste in the pan and roast it for a minute
3. Now, grind all the ingredients with a bit of water for consistency
4. Heat up the pan again and put some oil
5. Add jeera, mustard seeds, hing, dried chilly and curry leaves, saute for 30 secs
6. Add onion petals, saute for a min
7. Add the chopped tomatoes, saute till it is soft
8. Add the vegetables and saute for a min
9. Now, add water, turmeric, salt and let it boil for 5 mins
10. Make a mix with tamarind and water and add tamarind water and jaggery to the pan
11. Let it boil for another 5 min and then add the masala paste and toor dal
12. Add rice to the paste and mix well
13. The sambar rice is ready for plating.
Comment below after making and tasting the recipe...
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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