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Though Priyanka Chopra in recent Interview said “I Will Play the Leading Lady, Won't Compromise on That” But there were times when she had played a side role in movies
The Hero- Shaheen Zakaria
Priyanka played a second fiddle in this movie, talking about how much her character gave to the audience from this movie, on the scale of 1 to 10 i will give 2, because she actually had no role in the movie.
Bajirao Mastani-Kashi
Priyanka Chopra Scene As Kashi Bai In Bajirao Mastani,she said “It Was Difficult To Play A Gentle Character “But she stole our heart with her performance .Still if we compare the length of her role in the movie , It was way too less as compared to other lead actors of the movie.
Quantico- Alex Parrish
Actress Priyanka Chopra is one of the biggest stars in the world, but she only recently made the move to Hollywood after years of success in India. Though it’s great news that she is doing global movie and becoming an International star, but as there is a belief ‘Every good thing comes with a compromise’. She compromised her ego and got ready to play a side role in the Series.
Aitraaz- Mrs. Sonia Roy
Priyanka Chopra’s negative role in Aitraaz is considered as one of her career-best performances, but It was the shortest role she has ever played in her Career.
Andaaz- Jiya Singhania
It was her first movie, in an old interview she said “"I am very nervous because it is my first film but this film is very special for me for many reasons. My character's name in the film is Jiya who is very confident, modern girl. She thinks that whatever she wishes for could be hers. Lara and I have always been good friends.”According to me a Miss World deserves better and longer role in the movie than Priyanka has in this movie.
Baywatch- Victoria Leeds
The Rock is the protagonist in the movie and PC plays the antagonist, the BADDIE who makes his life hell. So when you get a role where you go against the invincible Rock, its equal to you not having any role in the movie.
Priyanka Chopra once said “ if a girl does a big film with heroes, only then she becomes a No. 1 heroine? To me, that is not the testament of it.""A lot of the films that I have done in my career are not piggybacking on the heroes. I have done the Krrishs and the Dons, but that is not what my career is about. My career is about the work I do. I live life on my terms. When I came, my contemporaries were very different and now, my contemporaries are very different,"
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