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Cats are one of the most popular pets and one of the mysterious ones too. Do you know why are these creatures so popular amongst in the domestic world? Simply because they are fiercely independent, mischievous, funny and gives a lot of joy. If you have a pet who happens to be a cat or if you want to stay with cats, this article will test your loyalty for cats.
Here Are Some Lesser Known Facts About Cats:
1. As per the research, domesticated cats have been around since 3600 B.C. which means they have been around from even before the Egypt’s Pharaohs.
2. Cats don’t have sweet taste receptors, so they cannot taste anything sweet. Even lions and tigers can’t taste anything sweet.
3. The most infamous question is ‘Why do cats pur?’ So, after purring when they open their eyes or winks at you, it means he/she thinks you as a friend.
4. Cats are known to show shade on their owners and actually everyone, the reason being, cats do recognise the owners’ voice but ignore the call or command conveniently. If you don’t know this, I really question your loyalty!
5. The reason behind your cat’s vertical pupil is their ambush predators. They are supremely aware and that is how they have developed the vertical split where it helps them judge the predator and leap at their prey.
6. The ultimate way of cat showing their affection towards you is by bringing you dead mice or birds back to their owners. The reason behind that is their perception to help you, they want to teach human how to hunt or help you get food.
Also, do you know that a cat is eligible to produce 24 kittens per year? Yes, at the age of their productive years, a cat can give birth to 100 kittens which makes it 420,000 kittens in 7 years. BEWARE!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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