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Babies are the God’s gift or rather Devil’s gift packaged into the cutest looking thing ever.
Though babies are cute, innocent and all of that, but what they do in their consciousness or not, they make the atmosphere too chaotic to handle. In between pooping around everywhere and giving the parents hard time in organizing everything, this is a look into their minds.
These evil baby memes will make you find humour in between chaos:
1. Do not fall into the trap but you will.
2. Mom, how did you do this?
3. Giving peace to mom and dad is not something I appreciate!
4. You should have known before giving me birth.
5. Some weird planet I have landed on where weird things are asked of me.
6. Now, if I remember clearly, I crawled my way to the hall and then passed away.
7. Again, peace is not something I offer my parents.
8. Potty training seems to be a hoax, my pants are full!
9. You trying to tell me what should I do!
10. Dad I love you too…
Now, after reading all this, what do you have to say about babies?
We all know babies are the most innocent but once in a while parents do find it chaotic, in such times these memes will give them the power to get back their strength.
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Graphic Designer: Vikas Kakkar
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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