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August 8 is celebrated as the International Cat Day. We cannot deny the fact of how much we love cats even if do not own one, right? It seems that this day was declared as the Cat day by one such lover like you and me.
This day was actually founded in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.
If you own both, a dog and a cat, we totally understand what all you might have to go through, all day all night, lol! Do you want to see some really sporty cats? Of course you want to. They are so adorable after all.
Here some cat memes that will make you wonder the level of excitement in a cat’s life.
Ladies and ladies, the cat king might take your heart away because the little stud knows how to flaunt his new sweater! Like a bawwwss!
The little alcoholic mice still lay in front of the tired kitty. Bravo had a golden luck.
Kitty- My spaceship is waiting outside kitchen's window, I must leave. Get out of my way human.
Day 10 and they still think I am a husky.
Have you ever tried engaging your cat with a laser light? If not, try out straight away.

Kid- Can we go into the house now?

Bossy- No! wait, the lady is still mad at your dad. Let her use all her utensils on him first.

Kid- *sighs* Poor dad.

Unknown voice- Help! Help!

Bossy - I am right here hoomann! Wait, let me come out... oops i am stuck.
How dare you ignore me? Did you forget about me? How can you have books when you have me?
Every single day is their day. These little kitties are a little bundle of joy in our lives. You cannot help but love them every day.
Happy Caturday Y'all!
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Author: Akshita Jain
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