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Scarves are one of the most comfortable and it can easily be anyone’s favourite fashion accessory. Stars on the other hand might have a special love for scarves as they keep on travelling all the time and this piece of accessory helps them give a cosy feeling.
Moreover, wrapping scarves not only give’s one that cosy feeling but it can do much more. Many of the times celebrities are in rush or no mood to find the most glamorous attire from their closest, in such scenarios scarves comes to their rescues. This accessory can totally bring much needed poise to the personality and elevate the fashion statement.
Here are some of the looks where Bollywood stars have used scarves in different ways:
1. Priyanka
She has lately become an inspiration for smart dressers and her attitude really makes anything shine through. In the last picture, she is donning a Pashmina as her scarf like an everyday affair.
2. Sonam
We cannot expect any less drama from Sonam, can we? If you love drama in your fashion and you have the courage to pull it off, who is stopping you?
3. Rekha
Well, who can question Rekha’s style statement! She is the queen and when she decides to wear her scarf in her head, we say YASSSS!
4. Kriti Sanon
Kriti is known as the girl next door and keeping in line with her personality, she uses her scarves in the same way but she chooses the best looking scarves for sure.
5. Kareena Kapoor
She is inspiration to many fashion designers and the way she chooses her clothes makes her stand out. Look how casually she has wrapped that scarf around her waist!
There are some more who have donned their scarves beautifully like Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone and Shilpa Shetty.
We are pretty sure, all the celebrities use this accessory quite often. Now you can use these styles in your daily life too.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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