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You know how relaxing a sauna bath can be after a long tiring day at work.
Now, sauna bath is not just about relaxing but scientists at the universities of Bristol, Jyväskylä and Eastern Finland conducted the review which said a sauna bath for just 5 minutes can be as good as physical exercises, such as a brisk walk. A literature review showed that if you spend time regularly at a sauna, you can reduce the risk of getting of heart disease, lung disease and an early death.
Not just this, sauna bath also helps in combating mental health issues, skin diseases, arthritis, headaches and the flu. Researchers reviewed 70 studies on the health outcomes of Finnish sauna baths to establish the long list of health benefits.
According to a study author Dr. Jari Laukkanen, regular sauna baths are also associated with a better health-related quality of life.
He said: 'Sauna bathing, an activity used for the purposes of pleasure, wellness, and relaxation, is linked to a remarkable array of health benefits. It is a safe activity and can even be used in people with stable CVD, provided it is used sensibly for an appropriate period of time. Sauna bathing may be a remedy to the call for additional lifestyle interventions needed to enhance health and wellness.'
The feeling of relaxation from Sauna promotes good mental health which in turn increases the production of feel-good chemicals called endorphins.
However, despite the list of health benefits, some studies have found saunas can have the opposite effect.
Italian researchers have also listed a disadvantage saying that men who visit saunas may damage their sperms.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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