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Celebrities have the power to spark trends like no one else. Agree? Whenever we see them carrying an unusual haircut or some unique dress that becomes the trend for us and we want to adopt that style as soon as possible. If you agree to this you will also agree that only a few celebrities have the power to spark a new trend the way Rihanna does.

Rihanna is the god of new trends. She is our trendsetter. But this time around we might think twice before following the trend. Rihanna is someone who is known for experimenting with her looks. This time around she is seen sporting a pencil-thin-eyebrow look for the cover spread of British Vogue. She will be seen sporting this look in the September issue of British Vogue magazine.

What surprises us is the fact that she is seen bringing a trend back that was very popular almost 20 years back. According to Beverly Hills eyebrow guru Damone Roberts, this look is purely editorial and no woman should rush to get this look. Damone Roberts also shaped Rihanna’s eyebrows for the Met Gala in May.

"The biggest complaint I hear is from people who have over-tweezed and the hair never grew back where they wanted it to be. [Their eyebrows] will never go back to being completely full," Damone told a leading daily. "I don't think we're going to go back to the thinner brows. Women are really seeing that softer brows equate softness. Thinner eyebrows create an aura of harshness. Fuller brows equate more of youthfulness” he added.

When the pictures from the British Vogue magazine started circulating on the internet everyone went gaga about how the trend is returning back. "I don’t care what #Rihanna does with her #eyebrows, and if she single handedly ushers back in 1920s brows DURING the 2020s... y’all can’t make me do thin eyebrows," wrote one. Added another: "Before you sleep tonight neither one of us is Rihanna... Keep your eyebrows it's not that deep" said the eye-brow guru.
Robert also cleared up the confusion regarding Rihanna shaving off her eyebrows for the cover. He told that she didn’t shave her eyebrows the look was achieved with the help of makeup. They covered up her real eyebrows with makeup and drew the pencil look over it.
Well, Rihanna didn’t miss a chance to startle us and only time will tell if the pencil-eyebrow trend will be back or not.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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