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A study has found that the millennial mothers to be are facing difficulties due to the pressure of social media and other pressures. Technology has made our lives simpler but still not that easy. We are facing a lot of problems in this technologically advanced era.
A study that took place on young women at the Bristol University has found that mental health problems during pregnancy are 51 percent more likely than they were a generation ago. Its social media and the pace of modern life that are driving up rates of depression and anxiety in mothers-to-be, they found.
So, to stay away from all the pressure and stress, here are some tips that can help you stay happy and relaxed during your pregnancy.
1. Enjoy your pregnancy
We understand that it becomes difficult just sitting in one place during the last months of pregnancy but do not let all this turn into guilt and fears. Get up and prioritize yourself. Do not worry about your body going out of shape, you will soon fit into your old pair of jeans. But for now, make this journey enjoyable.
2. Say ‘no’
Do not go hard on yourself.
3. ‘Me’ time
Do things that make you feel happy about yourself. Sleep well, take care of yourself. Go out for a while and pamper yourself.
4. Reduce the workload
If you are a working woman, don’t stop working but do not take work pressure more than you can manage. It will be better if you reduce the workload for some time. Ask your husband and friends to assist you.
5. Seek help
You can seek the help of a therapist if you feel lost. Talk therapy is something that can help you in reducing the feelings of sadness and guilt.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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