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Perhaps the greatest line in a Bollywood movie about Bollywood was In the 2012's Gangs of Wassepur. In which a character said that "Jab Tak Desh Mai Cinema Hai, Log Ese He Chutiya Bante Rahenge". And a recent activity from TRAI's Chairman RS Sharma has proved it to be true.

The man tried to pull off a stunt from an Iron Man Movie. Do you remember the scene from Iron Man 3 where Tony gave his address to a dangerous terrorist and got shit mixed? Something similar happened to Mr. RS Sharma when he was trying to prove the reliance of "Adhaar Card", He issued his UID number publicly.

He was trying to prove that even if someone has your UID details or more specifically, UID number, still noting harmful can be done with those details. Surprisingly for him, a lot has been done that at least I consider being a threat.
Hence today I am going to list you the things that have happened with Mr. RS Sharma because of his UID Card.

Personal Details Leaked

I think we all will agree that our home address should not be available for strangers and if something is making it possible then, it is not for our benefit. Just after Mr. Sharma made this statement through Twitter " My Adhaar No. is this -------------------. Now I give this challenge to you: show me one concrete example where you can do any harm to me". A twitter handle "Elliot Alderson" provides every single detail like phone number, address and PAN card number of Mr. Sharma. Hence proved, Jada cinema dhekhna acha nhi hai.

Although the User "Elliot Alderson" was able to put ethics first and didn't disclose the details. But not all people will take the same high road and as a result, one individual sent a threatening mail to Sharma's daughter and asked for a ransom in exchange for not making his personal details public.
After that, another controversy breaks off after someone ordered pizza and tipped police of an emergency to his house. And transferred money to his account. Yes, someone transferred 1 rupee in his account. This is just bizarre and begs so many questions.

But the chairman simply refuses to accept any flaws to the system and also made a false claimed about the transfer. He took the screenshot of the transfer and claimed that it still needs his approval for the transfer to be done. But in reality, it was a request for withdrawal not of transfer as explained by a user.
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