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Game addicts are everywhere and without generalising that only guys love to play games. Taking the interests into account, the marketer develops and designs games keeping their target audience in mind. Thus, mostly all games can come into the category of lame but keeping that controversial topic aside, here are the lamest games ever made.
Ok, so there are too many lame games online but we are only listing out only the ones which have become huge in the market:
1. FarmVille
The game was developed and launched by Zynga in 2009, this is mostly popular in Facebook and other social networks. You don’t have to do much in the game and no rush as well, you simply have to do farm management like plowing the land, planting, growing, harvesting crops and what not. Also, in 2012, the creators released its sequel too, FarmVille 2. There is no way I can understand the existence of this game.
2. Purple Place
Guess what you have to do in this game! You have to make a cake and basically, you have to literally press buttons marked 1-5 and walla, you cake is ready. This is the game. If you are guilty of playing the game, we thank the universe that your sense has come back to you again.
3. Candy Crush
Though we all agree that it is lame but it really became a phenomenon and its still going on. Everywhere you go, you will atleast one uncle or aunty playing this game on metro and you will go like ‘UGH!!!’
4. Flappy bird
Flappy Bird was launched in 2013 and received its popularity in early 2014. The game had a bird and the players had to balance the bird without touching the pipe. The game got so addictive amongst the players that the creator removed it from both the App Store and Google Play.
5. Makeover games
Starting with the Kardashian family games from all the other makeover games online will just make you wonder if you are really that obsessed with beauty products. The makeover games online have a different games starting from manicure, pedicure, face pack and many boyfriend bonding games too which seems like you will be living on a digital world and become a maniac eventually.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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