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It’s just like leaving and going far away from my family!
“It’s always difficult to leave a place where you have worked for a long time”. These words once spoken by one of my friends, is now echoing badly in my mind since it’s time to leave my current organisation.
OMG! Is it really even happening? Though my mind has done all the preparations to put my foot forward yet my heart is willing to stay back. I mean, how one can just go far away from the people in spur of the moment whom he spends half of his day with. The people around you are not just the people; they indeed become your family and leaving them is not a cake walk (not at least for me).
For all, I may appear as a happy figure nowadays, but precisely, there are some mix of emotions playing hide and seek inside me.
So many “lasts” are occurring around me. The last time I’m going to have lunch with everyone, the last giggling talks, the last chai break, last leg pullings, last ‘Lol’ moments and so on.
Recalling past is something that is killing me more than anything. The things we used to do being free, playing games, sharing food, watching videos together, partying at Imperfecto….(and the bill) ‘LOL… Oh God! What should I say? Just can’t help it.
Crazy and anxious feelings are going hand in hand. Anxious, because, what would I be going to do in the coming days without you all. How would I be able to spend the upcoming boring moments recalling those craziest things I have done with you all? It’s actually a toughest task I have come across since I joined here.
A feeling of pride has continuously been spiralled as I am leaving the organisation having being achieved the best i could. Working for more than 1 year in this company has rendered me a position more than I could ever ask for. The experience and the training it provided me have made me more professional and updated towards my work. Polishing my work and personality is what Lopscoop has done over the past 1 year and I am sincerely thankful to the management and my colleagues.

Saying goodbye is actually hard but moving ahead with the flow is what we should always aim to. No matter how crazy my emotional stage is right now, but I should always remember the things we look upto.
A last message for all my colleagues out there-
‘Always keep up the work but never give up your own personal writing style. If you lose it, you lose the game’
And if by chance… you would miss me… don’t forget, I’m here only! :)
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