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I am a tea lover and nothing can stop me from having it. There is no equal pleasure as that of drinking tea in the rainy season. Tea is not just feast to the taste buds but can also help you in saving yourself from falling ill on this infectious weather.
Monsoon brings with it a great amount of diseases with it and so there should be a cure to it too. Not all diseases can be cured with tea but they can be prevented with its help.
Here are a few combinations that you can try this monsoon-
1. Mango green
Who doesn’t love mangoes? We all do. It is believed to be the food of gods. Do you know that you can have mango in the form of tea too? Shocked, Right? Infused with green tea, it is a rich source of Vitamins A, B and C. Mango green tea helps in preventing breast cancer and controlling high BP. It also helps in controlling cholesterol.
2. Durbari kahwa
You all must have heard about Kashmiri Kahwa, right? But this is Durbari Kahwa which is a traditionally spicy tea which comes with a modern twist. It helps in lowering cholesterol levels and helps in reducing body weight. Give this new blend a try as this also acts as an anti-aging drink.
3. Sweet Ginger
Ginger Tea is the best option when you get wet in the rain or you catch flu or infection of any sort. The first thing that you think after getting drenched in rain is ginger tea. It is because it has a lot of qualities. Loaded with sweetness and spice, this tea prevents anemia, treats stomach ulcers and relieves stress. Moreover, women can often consume this tea for reducing menstrual pain.
4. Rose delight
It is the perfect blend of soothing flavours and beautiful fragrances. A sweet flavour helps in reducing weight also, giving a healthy glow to the skin.
5. Rosehip hibiscus
It is a rich source of oxidant which helps in slimming and boosting the immune system. The tea made of it has a tangy taste. It also prevents bladder infections and reduces anxiety issues
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Author: Akshita Jain
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