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There are so many things wrongs with Indian Politics. From giving embarrassing, stupid and outright controversial statement to failing to live up to their promises to not giving a shit about the country. Yes, I have said it no one, not a single party have the balls or the intention to do something good.
But that's a topic for some other day. Today we will talk about something else. On the spectrum of shitty things about political parties, between their piss poor dressing sense and most outrageous act, somewhere between sits a pile of shitty campaign song.

There are the political parties campaign songs that will either make you laugh or cringe. Just have a look at them.

1. "Desh Bachao" by RJD (Rashtriya Janta Dal)

This is probably the darkest song on the list, there is hardly anything positive shown about their own party instead of that they have focussed on how BJP has ruined the democracy of this country and even went far enough compare Modi and Shah to Hitler. It's just funny and you should watch it.

2. "SHIV SENA GEET" by Shiv Sena

This is by far the noisiest and entertaining song that a party might have produced, just keep the volume low and you might enjoy this. It's pretty pumping actually and like the party itself, the song is also a hardcore.

3. "AAM AADMI PARTY Theme Song"

Now, this party has many songs but I am gonna link the song which was composed by Vishal Dadlani and the thing is that this song might be the only one with a legit demonstration of parties performance. Now, how good or bad the sources of their claims are but at least they are appealing for votes on the basis of their work. Not on the basis of lesser of two evil.

4. "Har Haath Shakti Har Haath Tarakki" Congress National Party

You might have heard this song already so I am not going to put this song in the list instead I have found another one which is gold. just have a look at it.

5. "Mera Desh Hai Mahaan" by BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party)

This is the song that will haunt you for days. Fun fact: this song was written by Pehlaj Nihalani and is on his youtube page. Fun fact 2: It was shown during the interval of "Prem Ratan Dhan Payo", how do you I know? Because you always remember you saddest days.

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