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Getting pregnant is purely a blessing for a woman. No matter the journey of those precious nine months are really not a cake walk but yes, these months are equally bliss for the couple. Not even would- be- mother feel the difference but would- be- father also feels the same happiness. The world becomes beautiful and everything seems like a fairy tale once again.
Well if we talk about the journey here then that is something to cherish. The whole beautiful 9 months tell a story of a lifetime. It’s a completely different phase in which the couple feel the presence of their upcoming child. The way they look at and feel every situation has a different meaning. They count them as three rather than two. And of course, what all this matter to them, only they can understand.
But we can have a little idea through illustrations how the expected couple would feel. Let’s look at the illustrations and define their emotions.
1. When the husband would take proper care of his wife while walking down the road.
2. When they share their emotions and love for their new born.
3. When he tries to listen his baby’s voice just once
4. When both of them try to feel the kicks of the little one.
5. When you are ready for the maternity shoots.
6. And finally the moment he arrives.
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