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Do you want to feel more relaxed while you are at your home? There is something other than just laying down that can make you feel fresh and relaxed at the same time. All you have to do is decorate your house with plants.
Indoor plants can change the whole atmosphere with freshening elements of nature.
Here are a few tips to make your space look more greener-
1. Reading nook:
Plants bring positive energy to the environment. They add the natural texture to space. A vertical piece of arrangement can be done in the reading nook of the house. This will change the atmosphere of the room.
2. Give your kitchen a makeover:
Plants can be used in the kitchen area as well. You can place small pots below the kitchen windows. You can also create your own little kitchen garden where you can plant herbs or little house veggies. Fresh veggies will be more exquisite to use.
3. Give your home a beginning:
Hallways decorated with flowers will add up to the beauty of the house. This will make the entrance look more inviting and pleasant to the eyes. The shade plants will make the house look more vibrant.
4. Statement planters for your house:
If you are placing plants in the house make sure that they are placed on stands with different heights. This will ensure that they make a statement.
5. Plants are your party savior:
You can try to place plants in your house in a different way than usually placing them on tables. You can hang the plants to make space look more chic and cool. You can also tuck a couple of cement planters underneath to fill in space with colour.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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