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A human body goes through numerous changes when it starts ageing. From getting the skin wrinkled to having big noise and droopy earlobes, it shows all the signals of getting aged. And all these changes are either as the organs of the body gets longer or shorter.
Here are the signs that your body will show when it starts ageing-
1. Your boobs will drop by up to 11 cm
The ligaments that keep the breasts perky are 2-3cm long in your twenties and with time they can stretch up to 11 cms. This leads to the excessive sagging of breasts.
2. Your penis shrinks by up to 2.5 cm
And it's bad news for the boys too - over time penises get shorter. With age and time, the arteries in the penis get clogged up and make it harder to erect. A man’s erect penis can be as long as 6 cms in his thirties and it can drop to 1 cm- 2.5 cms in his seventies.
3. Your shoes won't fit you when you're 40
You might be wearing pretty shoes in until your thirties but once you reach your 40’s your pretty shoes will not be fitting you anymore. Your foot size increases and your feet gets flatten out over time. Your foot can increase by as much as half a shoe size – about 3 to 4 mm - every ten years.
4. You really do shrink with age
As you age, your body starts shrinking too. A woman’s body shrink by about 3cm due to the shrinkage of spine. We can understand this as our bones get repair quickly in our childhood and adulthood but not in old age.
5. Your earlobes get longer
While every other part of your body shrinks with age, your earlobes do not! From your thirties onwards, your ear lobes get longer by an average by 0.22mm a year and same happens with your nose. It gets half a centimetre long.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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