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Have you ever noticed that whenever you are in a bad mood, you tend to work faster and with accuracy?
A research claims that feeling blue can be good for work. It helps some people in focusing, managing time better and even prioritizing tasks.
The researchers said that being in a good mood may hamper time keeping and organizational skills. However, this was only true for extroverts - while introverts ground to a halt when they felt gloomy.
A psychology professor at the University of Waterloo, conducted the study in which he explored how 95 people cope with the demands and stresses daily, depending on their mood.
Being in a bad mood is often associated with being emotional sometimes. So, the researchers focused on emotional reactivity- the sensitivity and intensity. They act as the defining factors that influence our effective functioning.
The people, who had the study performed on them, were broken down in two parts- highly reactive people and low reactive people.
It was noticed that people who have rapid, intense and enduring emotional responses performed better on executive function tasks and the ones who were less reactive showed opposite effect. Their abilities would grind down to a halt when they were in a bad mood.
'Our results show that there are some people for whom a bad mood may actually hone the kind of thinking skills that are important for everyday life,' said McAuley.
'We know that emotional reactivity differs from person to person starting at a very early age and that these individual differences have implications for mental health later in development.' But he warns: 'People shouldn't interpret the results as saying it's fine to fly off the handle or overreact, or to be grouchy.'
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Author: Akshita Jain
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