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Comics are a good, fun way of talking about things that we otherwise can’t talk about. Periods, sex and abusive relationships are something which we cannot talk openly about in this country and so Sanitary Panel talk about this subject through comics. Sanitary Panel was started by feminist Rachita Taneja. Sanitary Panel comes out with comics that hit hard on the taboos that are still prevailing around in our society and also questions the society and government regarding the same.
They are very famous and loved by the youngsters who also want to smash these taboos. If you haven’t yet seen these comic strips then here are some of the best.

We still have so many taboos surrounding periods in our country. I have seen people around me who still pass a sanitary pad like its a bomb. Alright yes, I am on my period and yes I am taking a pad. So what? It comes every month to haunt me and its just a normal biological process of my body. Chill!

Emotional abuse is still an abuse. We still don't talk about it but thanks to this Sanitary Panel comics that at least people are reading about it and maybe even getting aware. Guys if you or any of your friend is in a relationship where their partner is not abusing them physically but is still abusing them verbally then ask them to get out of it. Abusive relationship of any kind is not good.

We need good sexual education in our country. The quality of sex education is so bad. I still remember my Biology teacher while teaching us about sex never said the word sex and she used to get furious with anyone taking out that word out of their mouth. It is a sex education class, I mean common! Why are we still not openly talking about it?

Uptight/whore/slut/lesbian...we have a wide variety to pick from! #NiceGuy

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You don't have to be rude to someone who says No to you. Start learning how to take rejections. Stop being a dramatic B***H about it.

We don't need rights because we're "India's daughters/sisters/mothers", we need rights because we are people - well said Sanitary Panel.

Tag your artist friends - writers, musicians, designers, painters...

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Okay yes, artists in our country are not getting as much platform as they deserve but if someone is giving them a platform they are not doing any kind of favour. Why do they even expect them to do it for free? Everything comes with a price and that stands true for everything.

We live in a democratic country yet with no democracy!

It all depends on what way you choose to be successful. But yes in our society privelage plays a very crucial role in a person's success. Privelage>Talent here!

Stop 👏 calling 👏 women 👏 "girls" 👏

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Boy, Bye!

It's time we stop normalising abuse #InternationalGirlChildDay #DayOfTheGirl

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Stop normalizing abuse! Marital abuse is still abuse. Verbal abuse is still abuse. Physical abuse is still abuse.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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