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Dhoni’s fascination for number 7 was again spotted when he was playing against the England team in the third ODI match of the three-match series. MS Dhoni’s secret mantra for his success has always been his lucky no. 7. From birthday to his team jersey everything about his life revolves around the lucky no. 7.
Believe it or not, inside those steel grills of the helmet and the man who is known as the captain cool lurks a very superstitious person with strong belief in numerology. This side of Dhoni was spotted when Dhoni came in to bat against England in the third ODI match when we spotted that 7 was written on his bat. This clearly shows how much Dhoni is fascinated by the no. 7.
Check out the stills from the match in which we can clearly see that 7 is written on his bat.
Dhoni has always kept the number 7 in the loop and he also got a special preference for a number as his India shirt also has a number and his birthday is on July 7. The name ‘MS Dhoni’ carries 7 characters. So these things simply justify that Dhoni has always been very particular about the number 7. You might have now come to the conclusion that Dhoni’s obsession for number 7 is fascinating and real.
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Author: Amit Singh
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