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Monsoon comes with both breezy and humid kind of weather. So it is important to be prepared for both. It is the best season to decorate your room with bright colours blending with furniture, flooring and lighting.
Here are a few tips that will make your room monsoon ready.
1. Cotton
Use 100% cotton bedsheets in this weather. Monsoons can be very humid and using a cotton bedsheet can help you sleep comfortably. Other material might cause you discomfort plus some allergies to the body. Cotton bedsheets also help in to absorb superfluous moisture.
2. Widen Look
To make your small room appear big to eyes, you can use colors blended with white paints for the walls. This will give your room a widen look. Light furniture should be used in the rooms which will help in creating free space for the room. A limited number of décor pieces should be hung on the walls.
3. Curtains
Instead of using the darker shades of curtains, use light shades like off-white and cream. This will add on to the soothing look of the room. Light curtains also let the cool breeze enter your room.
4. Damp material
Keep your room free from dampness. The damp material might start giving a foul odor to space and you definitely would not want your room to stink. Try to use cotton fabric as much as you can in the living room. The cushion covers, sheets, curtains, everything should be of light fabric so that they absorb moisture from the environment.
5. Deterioration
Monsoon can cause damage to some material in your room. Material like suede can be damaged by the super humid monsoons. Monsoon can also be harmful to the wood used in the windows. Try to keep the window woods safe from water.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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