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Love is not a simple thing and it makes you do or think things that you might not have ever imagined yourself doing or thinking. But that is the power of love. It takes over every other feeling and makes you a person that you never imagined you would ever be.
When you are with a person for a very long time you learn many things about them. You start getting attracted to many things they do and some of them can be very stupid as well. But that’s what love is, love doesn’t make sense every time or to every person. I mean there can be some stupid thing that you like about your partner like when you hear them singing in the bathroom while taking a shower. It can be a very hot thing for you but if you tell it to someone they might think you have gone mad.
But it’s just love, playing its spell or magic on you. There are some non-sexual things that your partner does and it turns you on. When you are with a person for a very long time, just sexual things don’t turn you on because you discover so many non-sexual turn-ons over the span of time. Things that he/she does out of habit when they are with you. It’s very cute and sexy at the same time.

10 people shared the non-sexual things about their partner that turns them on.

Blushing and Hiding.

Long drives and Hot Looks.

Lose shirts and Comfort.

The talking with eyes.

Songs and Smiles.

"That's my man, going to conquer the world".

The soft and gentle touch.

The ranting without any pauses.

Work Calls and Being Bossy.

Dancing and The Hot Moves.

Comment and tell us your non-sexual turnons.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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