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Have you ever felt that apart from judging other, how strange and weird you are? Yes, you surely have!
Everyday you get up, go to office, come back, in this pretty much mundane life, you need to find something which keeps you interested in life. If weirdness is what you like, then be it but these are in most cases not only weird but funny too. We have extra-terrestrial traits which we are not sure if we should be proud about!
So, here is the list of the weird things we do on a daily basis:
1. Fantasizing while sitting on a metro or train but if someone asks what are you thinking, you have no idea about it.
2. When you are alone at your room/office or anywhere else, and you've got your headphones on. You suddenly start pretending like you are in a music video or dance master. Dare that if you deny doing that!
3. Keep dropping your phone on your face over and over. If not, you are always in the fear that the phone will fall right on your nose and you will have a broken nose forever…*sigh*
4. Throw away the package of a food on your dustbin to cook something, then immediately go and fish it to check out the procedure written.
5. When you spot someone laughing near (especially in a group), you assume that they are laughing at you.
6. Saying fictional or exaggerated stories to your friends, family, enemies, celebrity crushes and anyone, even if they know you are keeping the ‘mirch-masala’ a bit too high.
7. Keep an escape route ready for any situation. Plan B is always given more preference because of having a mind that is capable of calculated risk.
Stay happy, stay weird!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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