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Every relationship goes through good and bad phases. The important thing is that these phases should not affect the people in it. These phases are temporary and should be treated the same. Sometimes, it happens that these happy or sad times create spaces between people.
A good way to handle relationship is to be true to each other and respect the flaws of the other person. To make a relationship last for long, the issues in the relationship should be analyzed properly.
1. Get rid of negativity
When you feel the negative environment between you and your partner do not carry the same vibe throughout the day. It is seen that if the husband is in a bad mood, due to his work or any other reason, the wife instead of comprehending the negativity, thinks that husband doesn’t want to share his feelings anymore.To avoid this situation, the husband can go for a walk after his stressful day at work to unleash his day and not share the stress with his wife.
2. Be supportive
Support your partner in the times when he or she needs you the most. This is possible in the long run when you know the kind of emotions do the person feels in what phase. Look after the needs and want of your partner even if it doesn’t match to what you want.
3. Explore each other’s feelings
To understand each other better it is important to explore the feeling of the other person. Do not just assume what they are feeling but try to make an effort to know what the person is feeling.
4. Express your feelings
Expressing feelings is as important as exploring the feelings. A person would be able to explore your feelings only when you express them. Not expressing and hiding the feelings will eventually end up in a bad phase.
5. Respect each other
Respect your partner in every situation. Respect the feelings and emotions of your partner. Your respect for your partner will always help them to share what is in their heart because they will know that you will not judge them for what they feel.

Express what you feel and convey it to your partner. It is the combined effort of two people that makes the relationship long-lasting.

Author: Akshita Jain
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