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A woman named Rebecca Hamilton, 23, from Northern Ireland inherited gapped teeth from her father. It occurs when no adult teeth replace baby ones after they fall out.
The girl was teased was thrown rocks at. People around her used to call her ‘bulldog’. But now after the life-changing jaw surgery of the girl, she looks breathtaking.
Due to the problem, Ms. Hamilton could barely eat anything. The girl felt constantly ugly until the surgery took place. The surgery went for four hours. She lost a lot of blood during the procedure and spent weeks crying from the pain.
Despite the discomfort, Hamilton says she will 'never look back'.Ms Hamilton, who recently got engaged to her school boyfriend Stephane, said: “You have to love yourself! Never let anyone tell you how you should look and if your happy with how you are then don't change for anyone.”
Speaking of the years of bullying, she said that those days were terrible and no one understood her. “I remember people throwing money at me in the school corridors and telling me to use the money to get my teeth fixed. I remember the girls in my class would call me "bulldog". I was called ugly on daily basis. I remember walking home from school one day and this boy threw rocks at me and asked me what's wrong with my face."
She added, “I constantly felt ugly. I was so paranoid if someone sat beside me that they would see my side profile and make fun of me. I put on a brave face, so no one would have known how this affected me. Inside I was so self-conscious.”
Even after what everyone said or did her fiancé (then boyfriend) made her feel beautiful.
For the first couple of weeks after surgery she just cried. While the surgery itself went smoothly, Ms Hamilton says the aftermath was painful and uncomfortable.
“This surgery is years of planning and I can't honestly thank my orthodontist and surgeon enough because they did an amazing job. The process is long and hard; your recovery will be horrible - but in the end you will thank yourself and you will never look back.”
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