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People these days want to live light, keep their home more spacious, unlike the older times when a lot of paints and furniture were installed in the house to make it look fuller. The preferences have switched to eco-friendly surroundings.
Let us take a look at the ways in which you can make your house trendy with a less furniture usage.
Use light colors on the walls of the house. This will make it look more spacious. Avoid using too many wall hangings and others such things that cover spaces on walls. Keep the walls free so that they complement the little masterpieces in the house.
If you are putting photos or collages on the walls, frame them with a white border and use a grey inlay. This will give your walls a classic look.
Remember to keep the color palette restricted to 2-3 colors and the tints and shades of it. Using too many colors can drive away the soothing effect.
Colored curtains make space look small. Instead of colored curtains try to put semi-transparent white/pale white or any pastel shade based color.
Install multi-purpose furniture in the house. Using a multi-purpose table can save you a lot of space and money both.
Use a multi-purpose couch that can be converted into a sofa when required.
Usage of Scandinavian furniture will inject the feeling of minimalism in the house.
Author: Akshita Jain
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