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Have you ever used coconut oil as a moisturiser or toothpaste to drive away spots? You should think once again.
It’s a common notion that coconut oil is good for skin and therefore people like to use it at every possible place. There’s no denying that everyone likes to use a good beauty hack. But some hacks can be dangerous if not researched properly before use. There are a lot of hacks that you should avoid.
1. Coconut oil
We have often noticed that people slather their faces in coconut oil, hoping for a smooth and glowing skin. But actually, the hack is not beneficial for the skin. It is doing the opposite to the skin. It clogs the pores of the skin and causes breakouts.
2. Toothpaste
Same us the case with applying toothpaste to spots. No doubt the peroxide in it dries the spot out but it is likely to aggravate the area of skin on which it is applied. It makes the skin look more red and inflamed.
3. Sugar and Salt
It is seen that people use salt and soda as a natural way to exfoliate their skin. The rough edge of the granules act as a scrub for the skin and at the same time it can leave the skin red raw and can be infectious on sensitive skin.
4. Hair Spray
We all have seen in the movies how people use hair spray on their faces to keep the make-up intact before a night out. It might help the make-up to stay in place but it also leads to dry, irritated and flaky skin.
5. Antiperspirant deodorant
If you have ever tried to de-shine your face using then stop ruining your skin. Deodorants are designed to stop the skin from sweating, not oiling. It doesn’t help with the oily t-zone but it clogs the pores for sure.
Author: Akshita Jain
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