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You are not a true Indian if you haven’t had Poha in a week. Well, the qualities of poha still lay under covers. It won’t be wrong to call poha a superfood because apart from its taste it has a lot of health benefits attached to it. Some of us like it with added pinch of sugar while others like it with added peanuts.
Unlike other dishes that are recommended for weight loss, poha is much tastier. If you are watching your weight then you should definitely read further.
Take a look at these 5 health benefits of Poha-
1. Healthy Carbohydrates
Poha is rich in carbohydrates which are healthy for our body. The constituents of poha are 76.9% carbohydrates and 23% fats.
2. Regulates Blood/Sugar Levels
Poha is good for people who have diabetes. Being rich in fibre, it promotes the slow and steady release of sugar into the bloodstream which regulates the blood and sugar levels in the body.
3. Easily Digestible
Poha is so light for the digestive system that you can have it for breakfast, lunch or evening snack. It keeps your stomach light and never gives you bloating and it will not let you feel hungry.
4. Poha is Rich in Iron
People who are anaemic should eat poha regularly. Pregnant women should eat poha as they are at a risk of gestational anaemia. Squeeze some lemon juice on it and enjoy eating.
5. Low on Calories
A bowl of cooked Poha has approximately 250 calories. You can add more vegetables to it. This will make it even richer in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. You can skip peanuts as they have more calories.
Poha can be your solution to all the health problems. Cook Poha in Olive oil to make it healthier.
Author: Akshita Jain
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