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Heavens have opened up and we can’t just wait to step out of the house and enjoy the lovely weather. The most beautiful time of the year is already here and we are still trapped in chores. Ditch your work right away and have fun this rainy season.
We all have a child in us who really wants to come out and jump into a puddle filled with rainwater. This monsoon set the child in you, free! If you thinking of ways to enjoy the rains, we are here to suggest you some really fun ways to make that happen.
1. Walk home drenched from work, at least once!
It may not sound happening but it sure is fun when you walk with someone you love. Feel the rain touching your face.
2. Stop at a roadside stall and…
Never miss a chance of eating pakoda and tea at a roadside stall. The fun of eating hot pakoda while enjoying the rain cannot be matched. Roasted corn with lemon, butter, and salt splattered on it, tastes best in monsoon.
3. Play football in rain
Visit your nearest playground and play football in the rain. It is okay to get dirty in a while. Be careful not to slip.
4. Set out for a long drive
Head out for a long drive on an empty road. Nothing soothes our senses better than hearing the sound of rain pouring and the fresh breeze.
5. Take a nap
Sleeping in the afternoon while the heaven pours is the best kind of sleep. When the world seems to slow down, you know it’s time to take a nap!
6. Get high on your favorite rain songs
Play all your favorite songs on the loudspeaker and dance your heart out.
7. Do a photoshoot in rain
If you are a photo freak, get out of the house, create and click amazing pictures with rainwater.
8. Sit in the balcony
You all must have stood in the balcony while it rained, contemplating. We all have done this. Try to do something different this time. Set out to paint or draw the view or anything that you feel like.

Now that you know the ways, call your friends over and enjoy the rainy season with them.
Author: Akshita Jain
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