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Pregnancy is special for the wife as well as the husband. It can be hard for the woman to handle the mood swings and deal with hormonal changes but it is not easy for the husband either, especially the ones who are facing it for the first time.
Sharing a room with a pregnant wife can be as dangerous as living with a tigress. Starting from early morning sickness to the hormonal threatening is all about a husband’s life who is living with his pregnant wife.
Here are some struggles with which all the husbands can relate to-
Pedicure sessions with the wife will become a good time pass for the husband.
When pickle becomes your constant partner to trips and places.
Do not dare to leave your wife at home without a company of these.
This is exactly when you should not question back your wife!
You know the struggle of stopping your car at every possible place just for your wife to relax and probably in search of the restroom.
The message on the wall sums up the life of this poor husband! Lol.
The lady has not got any patience to send a message. The husband should consider an emoji as the urgent message itself.
All these funny experiences are shared by the to-be fathers. If you too know some other fun instances, tell us about it in the comments below and if you receive an emoji from your wife, don't wait for a proper message to follow.
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