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You all must have heard about world’s heaviest man and woman but today you will come to know about world’s heaviest teenager. Mihir Jain, 14-year-old boy is the heaviest teen in the world.
Mihir lives in Uttam Nagar in West Delhi. A few months ago, he arrived with his parents at Max hospital for weight reduction surgery. Mihir wasn’t heavy by birth but gradually he started putting on weight abnormally. He was 50-60 kgs when he was just 5 years of age and 237 when he turned 14. The boy could barely walk when he visited the hospital.
Dr. Pradeep Chowbey, a veteran bariatric surgeon, who had to operate on the boy, said that Mihir is the world's heaviest teen to have undergone gastric bypass surgery. “When I saw him first, I wasn't confident on operating him successfully. He was too heavy for that.” Dr. Chowbey told TOI.
Mihir’s mother revealed, "Most members of our family are overweight so we didn't take it seriously then. But then a time came when he couldn't even walk properly due to heavyweight. He stopped going to school after Class II and I had to teach him at home."
The family wanted Mihir to get operated in 2010, but the doctors refused to operate him at such a tender age. Mihir told TOI, "I stayed mostly in the house lying down or sitting.” He happily declared his love for junk food in the past. "Pasta is my favourite food. Pizza is the second favourite,” he said.
The doctors first tried to get the weight down by giving Mihir a very low-calorie diet (VLCD). They could see the results after a month. The boy reduced 10 kgs in just a month.
"To my surprise, Mihir came to us again after four weeks. He had lost a good 10kg. I was happy to see their dedication and suggested them to continue the same diet for another two months which helped reduce the weight further to 196kg. But then we realized that for further reduction, surgery will be required and posted his case for operation in April," Dr. Chowbey, the chief of bariatric surgery at Max, said.
Still, the operation was not easy. Dr. Chowbey said they had to use special equipment - a flexible laryngoscope - to negotiate the difficult condition in Mihir's case. "Also, there is no guideline on the anesthesia dosage for a person weighing 200kg. Our doctors relied on their experience to decide on the right amount of anesthesia," he said.
The surgery went on for about 2-3 hours and doctors were successful in creating a gastric bypass in which the digestive system is re-routed past most of the stomach which makes a person feel less hungry.
"The surgery was uneventful and we were able to discharge Mihir within a week. He comes to the hospital for follow-ups though. Also, he has been asked to continue the restrictive diet," Dr. Chowbey told TOI.
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