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Supermodel Ashley Graham says she feels less anxious when she works out.
In an interview with MBG, the 30-year-old star opened up about her love for exercise, admitting keeping fit calms her down and keeps her mind at ease despite her hectic schedule, reports
"The greatest reward working out offers is knowing that when my body works out, my mind feels well. I'm not as anxious or irritated, and I'm calmer and feel more equipped to make good decisions about food and life in general," Graham said.
"In other words, I'm not quick to snap on anyone," she added.
She said breathing correctly helps her to make the most of her workouts.
"It calms me down. Now I'm ready; now I'm chill. Even as I work out, I remind myself to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth -- it really helps me to push through that last 20 minutes of exercises."
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