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Your eyes are the most delicate and sensitive organ of the body. Contact lenses are even more delicate to handle and use. Contact lenses are a replacement of the spectacles. They provide you with a lot of advantages that your spectacles do not. Do not dare to take the causalities lightly that can happen to you while wearing lenses.
Here are a few mistakes that you might be making and should stop right away!
1. Sleeping with your lenses on
Never sleep with your lenses on. This is the most common piece of advice that you must have received from people. Sleeping with your lenses on can even result in losing your vision forever! When you are sleeping, the cornea dries up and the lenses can get stuck to your eyes. Take care whenever you are drunk partying, carry the lenses case with you so that you remove them in time.
2. Wearing lenses longer than the intended period
Lenses can be disposable on daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis. But every pair of lenses comes with an expiry period. Do not use the lenses if you have crossed its expiration period. Wearing lenses beyond its expiration can result in eye infection, redness of the eye and can damage your cornea.
3. Wearing makeup before putting on lenses
It is advisable to wear lenses before you put makeup on. Putting makeup before lenses increase the chance of getting the lenses unhygienic and dirty with microparticles of make-up. Also, keep in mind that you do not insert any makeup product in your eye or lenses.
4. Not replacing lens solution
Lens solution should be replaced every time you wear lenses. Not replacing the lens solution is not only disgusting but it can also initiate some microbiological activities on your lenses. The lens case should also be cleaned at regular intervals and replaced after 2-3 months.
5. Wearing lenses for long
Wearing lenses for more than 8-10 hours can really exhaust your eyes. Sometimes it may result in drying of eyes, redness, irritation, and pain in eyes. If your face any irritation during the day, you should immediately remove lenses and put eye drops recommended by the doctor.
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