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Yoga is a spiritual discipline that soothes your mind and body at the same time. It helps to keep the diseases at bay and strengthens your immune system. By practicing yoga you can bring discipline to your life. Yoga is not just for a specific age group but it has something for everyone.
Yoga enhances the quality of life. The results will be visible to you in a few weeks; you will start noticing the difference in your health. There are numerous benefits of yoga to the body. It helps in correcting the posture if the body and also controls the weight of your body.
Here are a few points that you should keep in mind while practicing yoga.
1- Wear loose outfits and accessories
While performing yoga one should wear stretchable and body-hugging clothes. This will be helpful while doing various postures which require bending. This will also save you from embarrassing situations. You are also advised to keep a good yoga mat initially.
2- Half filled stomach
Keep in mind that you don’t eat 3-4 hours before and after your workout. Practicing yoga on a full stomach can make you feel uncomfortable.
3-keep away from your electronic gadgets
Stay away from your phones and other gadgets while practicing yoga. You might get distracted if you use your phone in the process and that might neutralize the positive effects of yoga.
4-Control your breath
The various postures and positions need rhythmic breathing and should be taken care of.
5-Yoga during pregnancy and period
You can perform yoga even during pregnancy but this should be done under the supervision of a trainer or as instructed by a doctor. Practicing yoga is helpful in reducing cramps during periods.
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